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Resin Mosaics

Inspired by the popularity and versatility of our line of resin beads, and by the many creative uses our customers found for them, we created this collection of hole-less resin beads. a We call them Mosaics, and they lend themselves beautifully to all kinds of home decor, art, and craft projects. A friend of ours used them to add a burst of personality to this otherwise utilitarian floor lamp.. and that’s just one possibility. Imagine them set into a fanciful pattern on a tabletop...or decorating the rim of a serving tray...or even lining the backsplash on a kitchen countertop. Let the colors and shapes inspire you!


Mosaic Cabochons
6 Colors
Mosaic Coin 30mm
14 Colors
Mosaic Flat Diamond 24x65mm
17 Colors
Mosaic Flat Rectangle 23x35mm
17 Colors

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